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I have the feeling that the cohesion in the moment of NOW between the masculine and the feminine aspects propels the UNITY. Two forces which are melting together creating the Unity. I’m one connected with everything exist.

What is the masculine aspect? – Power and structure, safety and protection for the content. Understanding. The Creator. The masculine gives by teaching her to accept and to receive.

What is the feminine aspect? – The content, the essence, the kindness, the vulnerability that needs his protection, which only he knows how to do it. Creation. She receives by stimulating him to further grow and to be able to give even more.

Their braiding is the fruit of Creation. She is with content and him with structure. He gives, she receives. Both, united are the breath, she is the breathe–in and him breathe-out. She manifests and he protects to grow. He could without her, she could without him. But without them “both-together”, Creation does not flow and expand, they both make the flow of life to flow and grow.

Deep and Subtle…

„He – Oooo, what a wonder feeling, oh, how much I love you. I am here to listen to you, I am here to teach you, please flow … let yourself … essence, allow yourself to expand and grow. To love you, I don’t know if I will be able to love like you love me, but I’m here and let me feel the warmth that embrace me. I can’t even say forgive me, because I feel like you’ve already forgiven me for a long time. I’m here in front of you and I want to admire the power from your kindness. I want to open your way.. I cannot tell you I love you because your pure love leaves me speechless … I can only be with you, giving you all my support .. (Yours)

She- how could I be without you … (Yours) ”

Feel deeply the Love! We deserve that love!

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  1. Maria Daniela spune:

    Thank you so much dear Lora !

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    1. Life Design spune:

      I’m glad you liked it 💜✨ essence✨

      Apreciat de 1 persoană

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